What should parents do when their child scribbles homework?

2023-10-03 16:08:00, Sociale Lira Gjika

What should parents do when their child scribbles homework?

When a child, especially a child who has just started first grade, makes a drawing or an assignment and suddenly scribbles, the parent or teacher should calmly step in and stop it.

They should explain to him that what he has drawn or realized is work and should not be destroyed. It should not be broken, because it shows how much it has grown.

A few days ago he couldn't do it, but now he manages to do it, although still not the way he wants.

The child knows one thing for sure, that he is not good at doing things the way an adult does. This saddens him and makes him feel helpless.

Against this feeling, the adult, especially the professional, must intervene with tact and encouragement so that the child can build self-confidence.

The adult can tell him his experience, since he too has gone through this path. This story encourages the child and makes him more confident in the difficult, but also very desired path of growing up and becoming his own master.

Realizing with your hand what you think or fantasize is a child's biggest dream and the adult next to him has the duty to help the child to like and accept his work and not to label or shout at him, as usually happens.

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