What parents and teachers should watch out for when criticizing teenagers

2023-09-28 18:46:00, Sociale Lira Gjika

What parents and teachers should watch out for when criticizing teenagers

Adults, parents and teachers, you who have and are in contact with children aged 12-18, be careful when you talk to them, especially when you want to draw their attention.

A person at this age has not reached that mental maturity and, as a result, the ability to manage the emotional sphere, to be able to differentiate the voice and the way they are talking to him, advising him, are you talking to him seriously or shout and mock?!

In this period, one cannot distinguish the voice and facial expressions of the other person, but especially when the other person is an adult, the situation becomes even worse.

Adolescents are all senses towards adults, because even though they are physically approaching or have approached them, with the use of words and especially in the emotional sphere, they still feel immature and this creates narcissism.

So how are you talking to him? Are you speaking to him seriously or are you ordering and cursing him? Also, added to this immaturity is our tradition of communication with children, which leaves much to be desired.

Speaking, almost always in an imperative manner, with a harsh voice and comparison with the other, we make communication and relationship with the teenager even more difficult. It is true that building a relationship with the other, there are cases and not infrequently, that is not at all easy and, when the other is a teenager, the difficulty is multiplied.

But, if we were to start from a simple principle, that, a trusted, gentle and caring person, who comes into tune with our inner world, is often the key to "opening the window of tolerance" and communication is not more troublesome and awkward.

Parents and other adults, why don't you try to be the "key" to the calm for the possibility of communication with the teenager, who needs the safe relationship with the adult so much? Try and you will succeed.

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