The murder in Durrës, the black hole of our society!

2024-02-27 18:18:00, Opinione Mentor Kikia

The murder in Durrës, the black hole of our society!

I read the testimonies of children who have been accused of murdering their father in Durrës. At first the girl did it, then the boy, and then the girl again. The three children in prison, while the mother responds to the interest of journalists. A psychological crime thriller. Three young men, who claim coldly and without remorse that they killed and buried their father (Buried, not buried. Burial is a humane rite). It seems to me that I am looking at the dock of Kamy's character in "The Stranger".

Then we come, the public judges.

We judge the girl, as a cold criminal who killed and buried her father, and does not shed a tear.

We judge the children, that the father made their heads, brought them up with hardships and they kill him

We judge the woman (mother) who turned her unhappiness into a model for the (bad) education of children

We judge the victim, who with his violence, turned a family into a group of people who simply lived together, traumatized, under one roof.

Crime is monstrous. But the question is so "monstrous": What made the children coldly kill their father and bury him in the hut, and then live "happily" at home?

One thing is certain, whatever "decision" they take now will be wrong. The investigation may reveal other facts, in terms of authorship, that is, the criminal part of the story. But in the social and economic dimension this history is a big, deep and black well, where none of us, from our windows, can see what is inside.

If there was only violence in a family (even only against the mother) as claimed, if there was never love and happiness, don't expect normal children to grow up.

Careful! Don't say these crimes happen everywhere. Such crimes are happening, even more serious, but they have as a motive, either jealousy, when the crime happens with the couple, or mental illness, or big money.

So far here is none of them.

Prosecutors have very little to do with this event. But, if we want to look deeper and deeper into our social and societal crisis, it will be necessary for psychologists and sociologists to investigate the causes that we can usually find in many Albanian families. There may lie the great wounds of our society, the traumas and crises, the ignorance and poverty that produce violence and the violence that produces crime.

But until then, we in the "grand jury" should not be in a hurry to make a decision.

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