Meri Shehu tells the shocking story/ "I was kidnapped, dragged and punched"

2024-02-18 22:16:00, Lifestyle CNA

Meri Shehu tells the shocking story/ "I was kidnapped, dragged and

Astrology Meri Shehu has shared one of her most traumatic and shocking moments with tears in her eyes.

Invited to the show with moderator Ronaldo Sharka, she confessed how some men had kidnapped her and dragged her and raped her by punching her.

This event happened when Meri was a student. She says that she escaped thanks to some soldiers.

Astrology stated that this is one of the reasons why she decided to leave Albania since the trauma she had suffered did not allow her to live in her country and she moved to Greece.

"I fell victim to kidnapping.

I was a student. I accompanied my friend to cross the border in Gjirokastra. She ran away and said she will come and you cross the border, I said no, I said I will come back and continue my studies.

And they put me on a bus in Gjirokastra.

I take the bus and get off in Fier. I had to go to another city where I had school in Elbasan.

I was a teacher at the University of Elbasan.

I was looking for a bus there but while I was looking for a bus at the station I saw some male figures walking around and I instinctively felt that something was wrong and it scared me. At that moment I was afraid to wait for the bus for 3-4 hours and at that moment I said I am taking a taxi.

This was my mistake because I went and took the taxi and got in there and an old man got in and I told him please take me to Elbasan.

How long is the taxi 3-4 km, one forcibly stopped the taxi, the doors opened, one dragged me out of the taxi and 2-3 men held me tightly and put me in another car.

They were taking me towards a forest, but I was lucky that in front of me was a car with soldiers who were entering that area for military training.

They saw the scene, they didn't intervene immediately, but it was heard that when these people stopped the car and even hit me and punched me in the stomach, they shouted, let me go, and I escaped from the soldiers, and then they left me in the middle of the city, the soldiers didn't take me, but they left me. in a cezma. I washed my bloody nose and the friend of one of my narrow shoes shot. He got me in the car and took me to the dormitory.

I miraculously survived. It created a trauma for me. I wanted to leave Albania immediately, as I did," confessed Meri Shehu. / CNA

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