Bes Kallaku, the first character in "VIP Farm"

2024-02-15 14:52:00, Lifestyle CNA

Bes Kallaku, the first character in "VIP Farm"

"Farm VIP", which is the show that will soon start on the screen of "Vizion Plus" and on two dedicated channels where the characters will be "live" on the "Tring" platform, has caught everyone's attention. 

Today, "Farm" seems to have discovered one of the characters that will be part of this unusual format for Albanian screens that producer Holta Dulaku has chosen to bring to Albania. 

One of the names rumored to be part of this format is Bes Kallaku and the news has already been confirmed by the television itself. 

Bes Kallaku has always echoed the life of the village, the living habits of his grandmother, Ije.

We only have a few hours left to find out who will be the other names that will give life to the land of "VIP Farm"./ CNA 



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