Hot debates in Big Brother Vip / Who are the 5 nominees of this week

2023-01-15 09:03:00, Lifestyle CNA
Hot debates in Big Brother Vip / Who are the 5 nominees of this week
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Last night's Big Brother Vip show was accompanied by very strong debates between the competitors, where there was no shortage of swearing and insults towards each other.

Clashes between competitors exceeded the limits, turning into personal insults and raising the tone of the voice, causing numerous comments in the pink media as well as in social networks, where the commenters openly express the opinion that the insults have crossed the limits and their behavior is not ethical at all .

One of the strongest debates was between model Kejvina Kthella and singer Luiz Ejlli.

The model burst into very serious insults and insults towards the singer, as she could not cope with the singer's response after successive provocations.

It took the intervention of the moderator to resolve this situation, saying that in the future, if there are insults and insults towards each other, measures will be taken against each of them.

In the meantime, the residents have made this week's nominations, where the most voted by the residents were Luiz Ejlli, Olta Gixhari, Ronaldo Sharka, Efi Dhedhes and Kristi Aliaj./ CNA.al

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