Arbana Osmani: Luizi lied for the sake of love

2023-01-14 21:31:00, Lifestyle CNA
Arbana Osmani: Luizi lied for the sake of love
Moderator Arbana Osmani

"Lies for the sake of love". This is how the moderator Arbana Osmani defined the confession in the last episode of the singer Luiz Ejlli.

This is actually how it was treated, which has been the headline on social networks for days, as well as inside the Big Brother Vip house.

A few days ago, the singer confessed to Kiara that he suffers from a serious illness, which he then denied saying that it is not true and it was not about him but about his friend.

This created a lot of controversy actually as his statements were contradictory.

Today even a group of Luiz's supporters protested in front of the Big Brother Vip 2 house.

Now he has become a phenomenon that is talked about everywhere, but the reason behind his statement and the suspicions of followers or commentators about the scenario have not yet been revealed. / CNA.al

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