"We are not compatible"/ Tea and Luizi clash

2023-01-14 22:43:00, Lifestyle CNA
"We are not compatible"/ Tea and Luizi clash
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Two of the residents of "Big Brother Albania", Tea and Luizi, clashed tonight because of the arguments they had during these days. 

Tea has expressed that Luizi insults others in order to elevate himself.

" Luiz, in order to raise himself, lowers others. What he said in the confession room are very serious words. The things you said are very offensive. I find it impudence what you say behind your back", said Tea.

On the other hand, Luizi has decided to respond by mentioning the show Matches, in which Tea was a competitor.

"We are not in compliance. You don't have 30 people here, you are not in Purupthen" , said Luizi./ CNA.al

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