A mysterious object passes around the Moon, NASA makes the discovery

2024-04-10 17:20:00, Kuriozitete CNA
A mysterious object passes around the Moon, NASA makes the discovery
Strange object

A NASA spacecraft has taken several pictures of an oddly shaped object passing around the Moon.

NASA has revealed that these images were captured by its Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter (LRO) between March 5 and 6, 2024. LRO has been orbiting and studying the Moon for 15 years, and the LRO operations team at NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center in Greenbelt, Maryland used the 'narrow angle camera' to capture images of a strange object which passed past the Moon last time.

The images show the object resembling a surfboard or 'frisbee' shaped object flying across the surface of the moon and it didn't take long for people to flood social media to give their opinion on the object.

NASA clarified that the object is actually a lunar orbiter. The spacecraft traveled past NASA's LRO in "nearly parallel orbits," and three of LRO's orbits "happened to be close enough to Danuri's to capture pictures," NASA's website explains.

However, it adds that the LRO operations team on the ground in Maryland showed 'excellent timing in directing the LROC [type of camera] to the right place at the right time' as the two spacecraft were traveling at 'relatively fast speeds ' about '7200 miles or 11500 kilometers per hour'.

NASA adds:

"Although the exposure time of the LRO camera was very short, just 0.338 milliseconds, Danuri still appears 10 times its size in the opposite direction of travel due to the relatively high travel speeds between the two spacecraft."

NASA says it was 'targeted' to capture Danur 'from three miles or five kilometers above it'.

The image was rotated 90 degrees so that the surface looked like something a person would see looking out a window./ CNA

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