This is the month most likely for someone to get divorced

2023-09-08 20:35:00, Kuriozitete CNA

This is the month most likely for someone to get divorced

When a couple decides their relationship is over, the proceedings continue regardless of the time of year.

But statistics show that there is a "boom" of divorces in one month of the year, and according to them, this is the month of March.

The data of the legal company "FindLaw" show that in the month of March, the number of people searching for terms such as " divorce, family law, child custody " on its website increased by 50%.

In fact, there is another reason why divorce rates seem to be higher in the months after the holiday season.

A study found that 56% of men and 42% of women among unfaithful partners cheated at Christmas, and cheating sends the marriage towards the end of the relationship.

But there is another reason why someone might delay a divorce.

Since the tax obligations are closed at the end of the year, couples who are on the verge of separation find it more reasonable to submit a joint income statement and in the first months of the new year go their separate ways financially./ CNA

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