Scientists discover human-like shark

2023-09-02 15:38:00, Kuriozitete CNA

Scientists discover human-like shark

A new species of shark with strange human-like characteristics has been discovered by scientists in Australia.

The new species, called heterodontus marshallae is part of the order Heterodontiformes, classified by their unique body shape and small horns above their eyes. They resemble fossils of long-extinct sharks, but are not closely related.

It is found only about 410 to 75 meters below the surface of the water off the northwest coast of Australia, researchers say in the study published July 12 in the journal Diversity. 

They have several rows of teeth and an unusually large jaw in relation to their skull, which enables them to eat creatures such as molluscs and crustaceans.

Scientists discover human-like shark

Before the 2022 study, scientists had examined six specimens and an egg layer that would later be identified as the new species.

Researchers last described a species of shark from the order Heterodontiformes in 2005, and scientists are skeptical that they will find more of these underwater predators./ CNA

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