The tomato lost in space is found after 8 months

2023-12-07 13:30:00, Kuriozitete CNA

The tomato lost in space is found after 8 months

A mystery has recently been solved by astronauts who were experimenting with growing tomatoes in space.

The astronauts had grown some tomatoes during their mission in March. Each of them took a tomato, but Frank Rubio's was suddenly lost, leaving doubts that it could have been eaten by the latter, although the astronaut denied it.

8 months after this event , Frank Rubio's colleagues found the dried tomato.

"Our good friend Frank Rubio, who headed home, has long been blamed for eating tomatoes. But we can excuse it. We found the tomato," NASA astronaut Jasmin Moghbeli joked during a Dec. 6 link.

The tomato was 2.5 centimeters across and had been stored in a Ziploc bag. Frank Rubio lost the tomato in the cabin where they lived on March 29, 2023, and at the time this event was treated with sportsmanship.

“I spent so many hours looking for it. I'm sure the sundried tomato will show up at some point and vindicate me in the future,” Rubio joked in September. 

And yet the mystery was solved, the tomato was found after 8 months./ CNA

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