How much do engineers working in Artificial Intelligence get paid?

2023-11-29 09:32:00, Kuriozitete CNA
How much do engineers working in Artificial Intelligence get paid?
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CEO Sam Altman has returned to OpenAI after hundreds of employees threatened to quit after the creator of ChatGPT stepped down, underscoring the huge influence tech industry workers currently have.

AI engineers earn anywhere from 8% to 12.5% ??more than their non-AI counterparts, according to an analysis by data platform Levels.fyi.

The salary of an OpenAI engineer ranges from $200,000 to $370,000, while for specialized engineers it ranges from $300,000 to $450,000, said Roger Lee.

The salaries do not include bonuses or stock, which would increase the $300,000 salary to $800,000, according to Levels.fyi, Bloomberg reports.

In an industry where talent is considered the most valuable asset, an exodus of OpenAI employees would be catastrophic. "For emerging technologies like artificial intelligence, there is only a very small group of experienced people. It's the product, it's the company," said Julia Pollak, chief economist at job site ZipRecruiter.

All of this background has put OpenAI employees in an extremely strong position to exert direct pressure on the company's board.

When it comes to university recruitment, there is a big difference between understanding AI models on a theoretical level and having the skills and experience to implement them. OpenAI's highly specialized software systems make its current developers even more valuable.

“It takes a long time to learn the code and technology of a real company. One in-house AI engineer is worth three out-of-house AI engineers, given these dynamics," Pollak said.

OpenAI staff already had job offers pending. Before Altman was reinstated, Microsoft announced that they would be welcome to join the new artificial intelligence research lab. Microsoft has about 49% stake in OpenAI./ CNA

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