5 mistakes girls make when they fall in love

2024-04-13 17:03:00, Kuriozitete CNA

5 mistakes girls make when they fall in love

All girls dream of finding the perfect man, the person with whom they will spend their lives and who will make them happy.

But some girls can mistakenly end up with the guy they initially thought was the right person, and in the end it turns out to be wrong.

Sometimes they think they love a guy, but that's only because they don't see his many flaws.

Some drawbacks are lack of motivation, being constantly rude and manipulative.

Today we are listing 5 of the mistakes girls make.

1. Hook up with a guy who is unemployed

Be careful with men who are unemployed, even if you are very interested in them. It's often best to stay in the friend zone until he finds himself. An unemployed guy has low self-confidence and self-esteem. His life is a big mess and you will become another part of that chaos. Wait until he finds himself and then stabilize.

2. Ignore the signs of manipulation

Small promises kept tell you a lot about a man's character. When he says he's going to call you, he should call you. When he promises to meet you at a certain time, he should definitely be there. These seemingly insignificant actions reveal his true self. A real man does not manipulate his actions and words to gain your approval or avoid a conflict. A man who does not honor his words and continues to justify his actions by lying will most likely cause extreme anxiety.

3. Ignore the lack of conversation

Passion and attraction may blind women temporarily, but what makes a relationship last is the real stuff. Never hook up with a guy you can't have a real conversation with. Talking and sharing come naturally to women, and it's an instinctive part of their emotions. Communication is primary and crucial to the progress of the relationship.

4. Ignore your poor sense of humor

Stay away from a man who takes life too seriously and rarely laughs. A guy who doesn't laugh often is unlikely to make you laugh. A guy with a sense of humor will look at life's problems with a more positive attitude and is more likely to handle them better and more maturely than serious guys who take every obstacle too seriously and refuse to look on the bright side. bright life.

5. Enjoy the weak sex

Don't settle for anything that doesn't make you passionate. Most women settle for average sex, thinking that's the best they can get. Nothing is further from the truth than this illusion. Sex is directly related to your self-esteem, and choosing to be with a person who gives you less than you deserve or doesn't have chemistry with you leads to long-term unhappiness and pain./ CNA

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