"Skifteri" from Elbasan "makes a name" in Cologne/ Steals money in 3 houses

2023-09-30 14:16:00, Kronika CNA
"Skifteri" from Elbasan "makes a name" in Cologne/ Steals
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Three cult objects (teqe) have been stolen during the last two months in the Kolonja area.

This Saturday, the police announced that they have identified and wanted the perpetrator of the theft in 3 tekke.

The author is suspected to be a citizen with the initials LA, 34 years old, resident in Elbasan.

The money was stolen in the tekke of Starje village on August 22, the tekke of Kreshovë village on August 24 and the tekke of Gjonç village on September 29.

Currently, the police are continuing the work to capture the 34-year-old./ CNA

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