He shot several times with a firearm in the air/ The 34-year-old man with a criminal record is arrested

2023-05-24 09:29:00, Kronika CNA

He shot several times with a firearm in the air/ The 34-year-old man with a

The services of the Berat Police Station, immediately after receiving the information that around 20:30, on a street in the village of Lapardha, gunshots were heard, have organized the work with the aim of fully clarifying this case, as well as for the identification and the arrest of the author.

As a result of quick investigative and operational actions, supported by informational intelligence, as well as thanks to the coordination of work with the Police of Elbasan, within the police operation coded "Midnight", the citizen HD was caught in Elbasan and put in handcuffs. 34 years old, resident of Elbasan. From the preliminary investigations, it is suspected that around 20:30, this citizen shot several times, with a firearm in the air, from the vehicle.

Also, for this case, the materials were referred to the Prosecutor's Office, where the proceedings were initiated in a free state for the citizen ES, 34 years old, resident in Elbasan, as he is suspected of having accompanied the citizen HD in the vehicle, and did not report the crime.

As material evidence, the vehicle driven by citizen HD was seized

The procedural materials were passed to the Prosecutor's Office at the Court of First Instance of the Berat General Jurisdiction, for further actions./ CNA.al


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