Artan Hoxha explains the action in Kodra e Diellit/ 2 of the arrested, newly elected councilors

2023-05-22 18:25:00, Kronika CNA
Artan Hoxha explains the action in Kodra e Diellit/ 2 of the arrested, newly
Journalist Artan Hoxha

5 people were arrested two days ago in Kodra e Diellit, after they were caught with 2 kilograms and 300 grams of cocaine.

Journalist Artan Hoxha gave details about this police action today.

In an interview with Ina Qirjon, Hoxha said that 2 of the prisoners were elected councilors of Saranda Municipality in the May 14 elections.

Their arrest with drugs, according to him, is clear evidence of how elections are interfered with.

"I followed some of the areas, one of them was Elbasan. In the last elections there were also people killed, this time the result was a difference of 7,000 votes. Those votes that were suspected to be activated by characters from the world of crime, have not been committed. The government has not there was a need. I also heard Mr. Berisha. Make no mistake, an operation was carried out in Tirana "Kodra e Diellit 2", 2.3 kg of cocaine were seized in Tirana.

2 of the 5 arrested persons are from Saranda and are on the list for advisers, Olsi Mylka and Shemsi Progda. They were arrested immediately after the elections. Their party not only received many votes, but also 2 councilor mandates. These compete, get votes and advisors. They had 30 thousand euros. Very clear proof of how the elections are interfered", said Artan Hoxha./ CNA.al

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