The dinghy is blocked in Vlora/ the driver of the boat is fined 10,000 new lek

2023-05-21 12:06:00, Kronika CNA
The dinghy is blocked in Vlora/ the driver of the boat is fined 10,000 new lek
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Border Police DVKM Vlora, through an official announcement, announced the blocking of a dinghy as a result of the lack of relevant documentation on the part of the driver.

The driver of the offending vehicle has been sanctioned with a fine of 10,000 new lek by the Police for lack of documentation and not only, as he is accused of endangering the lives of the people on board the raft.

" The Border Police Services of DVKM Vlorë, in implementation of the plan of measures to strengthen controls at sea and on land, towards fishing vessels and tourist vessels, in order to enforce the legality of the owners and users of these vessels, have intensified controls at bases of watercraft on land, as well as at sea, to touristic watercraft.

Control was carried out with the vessels of the Border Police in the sectors: Triport - Kepi i Juhëza, Saint Jan - Saint Vasil, inside the bay of Vlora, where 12 vessels for fishing, 28 vessels for entertainment, as well as 19 tourist vessels were checked. .

The Border Police fined the driver of a small dinghy (a Kosovar citizen) with an administrative measure of 10,000 new lek, as during the verifications it was found that there was a lack of documentation, as well as he had traveled with the dinghy with an 8 KF engine. in Karaburun, endangering the lives of the people on board.

Following these checks, a recreational boat was blocked, as its user did not have the relevant documentation.

Controls will be intensified in the following days, with the aim of increasing maritime security, and in this context, the Border Police of DVKM Vlorë asks for the understanding and cooperation of the users of the vessels, for the implementation of legality on their part.

Also, the Border Police is committed to correctly implementing the law and punishing law breakers, users of watercraft," the police announced./ CNA.al

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