53 days to get brother's blood

2023-05-23 10:00:00, Kronika CNA
53 days to get brother's blood
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Three killed in 2 months. This is the result of the revenge between the Gosa and Rexha families in Kavajë.

A banal conflict over provincial origins that began in the summer of 2022 did not end there, but continued for months.

On the afternoon of Sunday, May 22, 2023, Arian Gosa went out with his 78-year-old father Osman Gosa.

Father and son sat down in this bar in their neighborhood No. 1 to have a coffee in each other's company.

A few minutes later, a person approaches their bar.

Armed with a pistol, he shoots 48-year-old Arian Gosa in the head with his left hand.

A few seconds after the crime, this is the view of Arian Gosa's father standing next to his son's dead body.

POLICE NOTICE: On 21.05.2023, around 18.30, in neighborhood No. 1, in Kavajë, in a bar, a still unidentified person killed the citizen AG with a gun. made it possible to catch the author. The investigative group under the direction of the Prosecutor's Office is at the scene and continues the investigative actions for seizing the evidence in order to identify and apprehend the perpetrator. Preliminary, from the collected data, it is suspected that the event happened for revenge motives.

3 hours after this announcement, at 9:51 p.m., the Kavaja Police announced publicly that they had identified the perpetrator of Arian Gosa's murder. He is Habib Rexha, 31 years old, the brother of Altin (Sali) Rexha, who was killed on March 29, 2023 by Edmond Gosa, the brother of Arian Gosa. Even Edmond Gosa himself was killed during the duel with Altin Rexha.

Habib Rexha was filmed by the security cameras of businesses in Kavaja running with a pistol in his hand after killing Arian Gosa.

After escaping on foot, it is believed that the 31-year-old then left in a vehicle.

For the investigators, the event is clearly considered revenge.

2 months ago, on March 29, the brothers of Habib Rexha and Arian Gosa were involved in a confrontation between them, and they were both killed in the center of Kavaja.

Edmond Gosa stabbed Altin Rexha several times in the body, while the latter retaliated by shooting him with a pistol. Both remained dead.

In these images from March 29, published earlier by the "Uniko" show, you can see how the conflict that ended in the murder started.

Armand Gosa blocks Altin Rexha's path and starts insulting him. Altin Rexha holds the boy's hand along with the bag of products he bought at the market. Armand Gosa turns and heads towards Rexha. The latter takes out the pistol from his belt and loads it. The 40-year-old Gosa approaches him and starts threatening him.

According to the witnesses, Rexha asks him for an explanation as to why he comes forward with the child and asked him to take the boy home and then come back to clarify. Armand Gosa approaches him menacingly. A local citizen approaches to separate them, but Gosa does not back down.

Another bystander approaches to separate the parties. Both distance themselves somewhat. However, Armand Gosa does not stop and approaches Altin Rexha again who was leaving with his young son. From this moment, the parties are lost from the field of view of this security camera. A few seconds later, Armand Gosa stabs Altin Rexha in the back with 6 knives. The knife also caught Rexha's young son, injuring him in the arm.

According to the witnesses, Altin Rexha let go of the boy and retaliated by shooting Armand Gosa with 4 pistol bullets. Although wounded at that moment, Armand Gosa approached him and stabbed Altin Rexha 4 more times in the chest. Both died from bleeding.

The quarrel between the parties started in the summer of 2022 in a bar in Kavaja. Armand Gosa had offended Altin Rexha by saying that "Maloks have no business in Kavaja". From that moment, Rexha had obtained a weapon without a permit and kept it for self-defense. /tvklan.al

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