Von der Leyen pledges support for enlargement if re-elected as head of the EC

2024-02-21 16:39:00, Kosova & Bota CNA

Von der Leyen pledges support for enlargement if re-elected as head of the EC

The current president of the European Commission, Ursula von der Leyen, whose mandate expires at the end of the year, was presented on Wednesday as the leading candidate of the European People's Party (EPP), for a new five-year mandate.

Von der Leyen's candidacy was announced by Manfred Weber, head of this European center-right political grouping, which is the largest group in the European Parliament.

The President of the EC has promised that, if she wins another mandate, she will continue the work in many areas in which she has worked in the current mandate, including in the process of the enlargement of the European Union and in the financial assistance for the Balkan countries. Western.

"I have always been a strong supporter of EU enlargement. But, at the same time, I have clearly added that this will remain a process based on individual merit," said Von der Leyen on February 21.

"I remain committed to this principle, but I am also happy that the countries of the Western Balkans, as well as Ukraine, Moldova, are doing everything they can to carry out the necessary reforms and move towards the Union European", she added.

"You will see me in the next term as a strong supporter of the expansion and the Western Balkans", declared Von der Leyen.

Announcing his candidacy for a new mandate, Von der Leyen said that "the plan for growth is a clear message. We have the funds and this is important. We have the means and now we are in the process of defining the plan in detail for the six countries of the Balkans West, to see what reforms are necessary for each country, as a condition for this plan, how we will use them and how we will include those countries in our common market".

"The work is going very well and we have great enthusiasm from the countries of the Western Balkans. As soon as the basic conditions are met, the first payments will be able to be made quickly", she said.

Von der Leyen has also said that even if he wins the new mandate, he will continue with the support for Ukraine and that he will not cooperate with the friends of the president of Russia, Vladimir Putin, nor with those who are against the EU and against the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO). According to the principle known as "Spitzen kandidat" (Leading candidate), European political groups, on the eve of the European Parliament elections, announce their candidate for president of the European Commission.

The party that wins the majority of seats in the European Parliament then demands that its candidate win the post at the head of the Commission.

But this also depends on the leaders of the member countries, who must choose the head of the European Commission, which is then confirmed by the majority of deputies in the European Parliament.

The European elections in 27 member countries take place from June 6 to 9, 2024./ Rel

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