Ukraine reports casualties from Russian attacks

2024-02-18 11:30:46, Kosova & Bota CNA

Ukraine reports casualties from Russian attacks

At least three people have been killed by Russian drone and missile strikes in eastern Ukraine in the past 24 hours, Ukrainian officials said on February 18, adding that Ukrainian troops had repulsed a Russian offensive on the southern front.

The bodies of two victims were pulled from the rubble of a residential building in the city of Kramatorsk, which was hit by a rocket attack overnight, said Vadym Filashkin, military governor of the Donetsk region. Search and rescue teams are continuing to work at the scene, he wrote on Telegram.

At least one person was killed and five others wounded during an attack on a two-story building in neighboring Kharkiv region, said Oleh Syniehubov, head of the province's military administration.

In the daily bulletin of the Ukrainian army, it was said that in the previous 24 hours there had been 82 military clashes between the forces of Kiev and the Russian occupation forces.

Ukrainian forces "defeated the Russian offensive yesterday in the Zaporizhia sector," destroying 18 armored vehicles and forcing Russian forces to retreat "to their former positions," the bulletin said.

The Russian military, in the previous 24 hours, carried out 13 drone strikes, 104 airstrikes and 169 missile strikes, targeting Ukrainian troop positions as well as residential areas, the Ukrainian military said.

Russia has also launched 14 attack drones, of the Shahed type, 12 of which were destroyed before reaching their target. Surface-to-air missiles were also destroyed and a Russian fighter jet was downed, the Ukrainian Air Force said.

Russian attacks have caused extensive damage to both private and industrial buildings. A school was destroyed in the town of Sloviansk, and volunteers are searching for possible victims and people trapped under the rubble, officials said.

Russia, which launched the unprovoked invasion of Ukraine in February 2022, has not yet commented on these Ukrainian claims./ REL

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