Meet the Albanian girl who 'broke' Drake's heart

2023-11-30 16:13:00, Kosova & Bota CNA

Meet the Albanian girl who 'broke' Drake's heart

The singer Drake is recently in the center of attention of the Albanian public, this after in his latest song 'Polar opposites', he appeared in the clip together with his friends wearing a red jacket with an eagle, the national symbol of Albania .

Drake in his song talks about a girl who blocks him on every social platform he uses to contact her and the girl's name is Mariana.

"Mariana, you broke my trust.
Why should you listen to propaganda?
We just broke the ice and now you're leaving
I was being polite, I don't understand
You should let your sister be the voice of reason
Either I'm misreading your message
Or your actions are just deceiving me”.

The girl Drake is thought to have dedicated the song to is Mariana.

She works as a Fashion Designer, but is from Tirana. Mariana studied Pharmacy in London, later moved to Los Angeles and then to New York where she works as a Fashion Designer. Currently she lives in New York where she also has her own brand.

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Mariana was Jorja Smith's close friend, she is Drake's ex-girlfriend. It is suspected that Mariana was introduced to the rapper by her friend.

Drake from Mariana apparently got to know and liked our country and culture very much./ CNA

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