Must visit/ The two European cities that topped the "smart" tourism list

2023-11-30 10:22:00, Kosova & Bota CNA
Must visit/ The two European cities that topped the "smart" tourism
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The capital of Ireland, Dublin, and the Italian city of Grosseto have been chosen by the European Commission as the European Capital of Smart Tourism, respectively, as the Pioneer of European Green Tourism for 2024.

The decision comes after taking into account their achievements in the areas of accessibility, sustainability, as well as digitalization and cultural heritage, reports " SchengenVisaInfo.com".

Dublin and Grosseto were chosen from a total of 40 destinations in 21 countries following a European jury meeting held on 28 November.

The competition promotes "smart" tourism in the countries of the European Union, rewarding cities for innovative approaches to accessibility, as well as digitization, sustainability and cultural heritage.

The European Commission has presented two competitions aimed at promoting smart and sustainable tourism within the bloc. 

"Smart" tourism is an initiative of the European Commission funded under the COSME Programme.

"Smart" tourism aims to make the tourism sector more innovative, using digital technologies, in order to offer tourists more efficient, personalized and enjoyable experiences, contributing to the sustainability and management of tourist destinations.

Authorities in European countries have intensified their efforts to help the rapid recovery of the tourism sector, which has been greatly affected by the spread of the coronavirus and its new variants./ CNA

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