The "Magistrate" scandal deepens/ Arben Rakipi cancels the second test at the last minute

2024-04-24 18:05:00, Denoncim CNA
The "Magistrate" scandal deepens/ Arben Rakipi cancels the second test
School of Magistracy

A rben Rakipi has deepened the scandal with the competition for admission to the Magistrate's school.

CNA reported yesterday that in the first phase of the test, which was held on Monday, 79 people were declared winners, but just a day later, the list of winners was increased by 42 more names.

In the official list published by the School of Magistrates, there were 121 winners to continue the competition in the second phase.

Caught in the scandal, the director of the school, Arben Rakipi, justified himself that on Monday there were problems with the scantron device that corrected theses, and after a second correction, the list was increased by 42 names.

Faced with this scandal, 27 candidates signed a petition, where they requested the repetition of the first test, but Rakipi declared that this will not happen and announced that the second phase would be held today.

The second phase of the exam was scheduled to take place at 15:00, but the director of the Magistrate's school canceled the test at the last minute.

Rakipi told the candidates that the exam will not take place today, but will be postponed. Without giving any explanation, he has postponed the exam for an indefinite period, since the competitors have not been notified of the date when it can take place.

So, we are dealing with an unimaginable scandal in the school that prepares future magistrates, prosecutors and judges./ CNA

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