"Open a daily card and get it..."/ Medicines that should be given for free in the hospital are sold privately

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"Open a daily card and get it..."/ Medicines that should be given for

The Tepelena Hospital provides medical services to about 80,000 residents in the city and the surrounding villages.

After the denunciations in "Stop", that the health system in Tepelena is concentrated in the hands of 4 ladies, we went to verify the situation.

Doctor Klodiana Gjonçaj works in the hospital, but also in the pharmacy, even privately selling the medicines that are dedicated to the hospital. The pharmacy where she works is named after her sister Jorida Gjermeni.

Hospital pharmacist Klea Doti also works in this private pharmacy. Valbona Ruka, head of the primary service in Tepelen health care, also works as a pharmacist.

Private pharmacies sell medications that belong to the municipal hospital of Tepelena. The cost is zero and the profit 100%. The whole situation happens in the eyes of the director of the hospital.

"Stop" went to buy medicine at the pharmacy and doctor Klodiana Gjonçaj sold the medicine she had. For the others, he directed us to the hospital, where we met head nurse Mira at her request.

Citizen:  How was your day?

Klodiana Gjoncaj:  Good!

Citizen:  I want this, tetanus and syringes!

Klodiana Gjonçaj:  Tetanus occurs up to 72 hours later. Will you do it now? That I have it on the refrigerator door? If you didn't do it, keep it in the fridge too!

Citizen:  Take Mannitol, Sodium Chloride...

Klodiana Gjoncaj:  NACL!

Citizen:  He also wrote to me like that, because my daughter-in-law is a doctor. Mannitol 20%, he tells me, 250 milliliters.

Klodiana Gjonçaj:  I know, I know, that's it, I'm going out to see if I have it or not. Also, I'll say, where will… we'll work it out. What else? Hey, go on!

Citizen:  Vitamin K 1%, it says, 1 milliliter!

Klodiana Gjonçaj:  I found out! What else?

Citizen:  Sodium Chloride!

Klodiana Gjoncaj:  How many of these do you want? Let me read the message myself better, don't get tired! I will have gloves, syringes... Glucose 5%, Buscopan, Tinker Iodine, Papaverine, Mannitol, Vitamin K and tetanus.

Citizen:  Yes, what do you have of these?

Klodiana Gjonçaj:  Yes, mannitol, I will find it.

Citizen:  Yes!

Klodiana Gjonçaj:  I'll wear it... tie it up... are you driving?

Citizen:  Yes. I am by car.

Klodiana Gjonçaj:  I will speak, go up to the hospital, to the emergency room. That's why I told you.

Citizen:  Yes!

Klodiana Gjonçaj:  I'll take you Manitolin.., go away! I will speak! I took him upstairs to the hospital! They have vitamin K, I will tell them to give it.

Citizen:  Ok!

Klodiana Gjonçaj:  Just leave a name note, so we can open a card in your name, daily!

Citizen:  Yes, good!

Klodiana Gjonçaj:  To register, lest he harass you...

Citizen:  Even two syringes, 10 millimeter size!

Klodiana Gjonçaj:  I'll give you two here. Vitamin K, I don't have it here. Yes we have, you will get it! Go up to the hospital!

Citizen:  Ok!

Then talk on the phone with the Chief Emergency Nurse at Tepelena Hospital.

Klodiana Gjonçaj:  What are you doing? Shall I ask you? Do we have vitamin K up, (in the hospital)? Ampoule, 1 only needed. I don't want it for myself. I'll start a chun, give me a Mannitol, two cameras and a…! Good! Let me write them down in a letter, I'm opening a daily card, take note of the boy's name!

Citizen:  Do I believe these others?

Klodiana Gjonçaj:  How many articles do you have there? Count points with whole numbers 1, 2, 3, 4, so that I can count how much I gave you and how much you will get there!

Citizen:  Surgical gloves!

Klodiana Gjonçaj:  Well, we didn't mark them.

Citizen:  Glucose?

Klodiana Gjonçaj:  You will take it up!

Citizen:  Ok! Mark it! Did you note it?

Klodiana Gjonçaj:  I wrote it. Go ahead!

Citizen:  Buskopanin, yes!

Klodiana Gjonçaj:  You will take it up!

Citizen:  Iodine, you have it here. Papaverinin, Mannitol...

Klodiana Gjonçaj:  I gave Papaverini. Mannitol will get you high!

Citizen:  Vitamin K?

Klodiana Gjonçaj:  You will take it up!

Citizen:  Sodium Chloride?

Klodiana Gjonçaj:  It's here!

Citizen:  Even Tetanus, which you prepared!

Klodiana Gjonçaj:  Well, we have them all right. They make 18 thousand ALL. Those of the hospital, no lek, to be given by the state. You will meet Mira and I will give you a packet of paracetamol, just give it to me, I will write it on the paper here!

Citizen:  Yes!

Klodiana Gjonçaj:  Chief Emergency Nurse, directly, whatever you wear! Who did Claude talk to on the phone, tell him, and...

Citizen:  Chief Emergency Nurse?

Klodiana Gjonçaj:  Chief Emergency Nurse, Mira is her name!

Citizen:  Yes!

Klodiana Gjonçaj:  Beware of Tetanus, do you know what you have? Keep it in your bag, don't break it!

Citizen:  Order and the money!

Klodiana Gjonçaj:  She opened a daily card for you! Well, let's solve it. You will meet this!

Mira gave us the hospital medicines and according to the doctor's advice, she also opened a daily card for us. Of course, for her "generosity", the head nurse received 20 thousand old Lek.

Citizen:  How was your day?

Head Nurse:  Okay, what do you do?

Citizen:  Chief nurse, I wanted some!

Head Nurse:  Me, come on. You will give me some data!

Citizen:  Yes!

Head nurse:  Do you mind?

Citizen:  Yes!

Head nurse:  To the patient, what the doctor told me, to open her card! Keep this, do not break us, because this is an only son! We barely had it.

Citizen:  What is this?

Head Nurse:  Vitamin K!

Citizen:  Yes!

Head nurse:  I gave the vitamin.

Citizen:  Give me that whole package!

Head nurse:  No, I haven't. I can't give it. Here, for two, I will give three, because I don't have it, because I also believe that there won't be any below. I don't save it, I don't have it. Do you understand me? One second! What about vigos? For her…

Citizen:  So...

Head nurse:  I'll also give you the syringes, because you need them!

Citizen:  Yes!

Citizen:  Order!

Head nurse:  More go now! And this one...!

Citizen:  Don't waste it now!

Head Nurse:  Thank you!

Citizen:  Now it's a shame.

Head nurse:  You made us, so that we can give you all the Buskopans with these.

Citizen:  You are giving me another package of that and so on. Father!

Head Nurse:  Take this, that's more!

Citizen:  And the red one over there. Excuse me, one second! This more! This here! This for the tension!

Head Nurse:  This is Voltaren!

Citizen:  Yes, yes!

Head nurse:  It's for pain, it's not for tension!

Citizen:  Yes, for the pain. How much does this cost?

Head nurse:  Nothing, go away!

Citizen:  Now, what if I need other things after some time?

Head Nurse:  I'm here. Doctor Claude told me. When you want, whatever you need, we have the opportunity...

Citizen:  I can also take in bulk, because I know how many remote villages there are...?

Head nurse:  We have no medicine. You look at it! Look!

Citizen:  Yes, what can you do, that...

Head nurse:  For example, when it comes and we have opportunities, with those, we have opportunities.

Citizen:  Who should I talk to?

Head nurse:  With Dr. Klodi!

Citizen:  The one that was below.

Head nurse:  Yes, she is a doctor. We also have the Head of the Hospital. She is a very good doctor.

Head Nurse:  Goodbye!

Citizen:  Thank you very much! Have a good time!

Head Nurse:  Goodbye!/tvklan

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