“Top-incinerator”/ How Vjollca Hoxha became a business partner earning millions of euros from the corrupt affair of the century

13 Maj 2022, 12:40, English CNA

The incinerator concession, the most accused in these 30 years of democracy, which according to expert estimates is expected to cost Albanian taxpayers up to 600 million euros, also has its lawyers in the media.

CNA.al has been able through exclusive sources to provide data showing that media, journalists, television and even peripheral media outlets have received payments from incinerators, justified as ?advertisement?. But what can advertise a landfill that dump trash, and why should a monopoly company broadcast media advertisement?

This question must be answered by the company?s management before the justice authorities. Among the media that has made public advocacy for incinerators is the national television Top Channel, where Vjollca Hoxha is a shareholder and administrator.

Not only Top Channel, but also Vjollca Hoxha?s bankrupt newspaper, returned online, Shqip, has served the propaganda of incinerators. With the tax money of the Albanians, several incinerators were built, and with this money were paid and bought the media, to advertise corruption.

Affairs which are already being investigated by justice. The owners of the incinerators, already declared wanted, shamefully joined the largest television in the country, not only with the propaganda on this screen, but also in partnership with its executives.

There are two companies, where Vjollca Hoxha enters into a partnership with the owners of incinerators. First is the company EM Capital Group, with shareholders the owners of the incinerators, which bought the company Valtelina Kafe, which ?accidentally? has the same owners with Top Channel.

The second is KUDO PAY company, where shareholders are Vjollca Hoxha and Stela Gugallja. SPAK has not yet spoken about incinerator media partnerships and advocacy.

Millions have been paid for Top Channel, from incinerators, from their partners, from chain companies. For these there is no discussion. It remains to be seen how long will continue the abuses of this television with the money of Albanian taxpayers./CNA.al

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?Top-inceneratori?/ Si Vjollca Hoxha u bë ortake dhe mori miliona euro nga afera e shekullit


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