From erotic video-scandal to violence against democrats/ Ervin Salianji seeks “shelter” in Sali Berisha?

6 Maj 2022, 15:11, English CNA

After supporting any political madness of the former leader of the Democratic Party, Lulzim Basha, after serving the disruption of the democrats in 8 years, reaching to the violence against them on January 8 this year, Ervin Salianj seems to have already ?overcome? rainbow?.

After seeing that Basha is a finished politician, he is seeking refuge with Sali Berisha. Moreover, he also appears in press conferences, pretending to be very worried about the DP and the democrats. A day earlier, during a statement to the media before the meeting of the parliamentary group, Salianji said that all deputies should sit down and give a solution to the situation and leave behind personal protagonism.

According to him, the crisis should be resolved as soon as possible, so as not to divert the focus from the fight against Edi Rama. In fact, albanians and democrats know very well how much Edi Rama Salianji & Co has ?fought? in the last 8 years. But beyond the failures are 2 events, 2 scandals, where appears the name of Ervin Salianji.

First, we recall here the erotic video-scandal in parliament, where Ervin Salianji was caught exchanging perverted messages from the parliament hall, with a person named G.D, but who was later identified in the media as MP Grida Duma. Then in another scandal, the so-called ?Babale? case.

In 2018, the Democratic Party launched a series of denunciations against the then Minister of Interior, Fatmir Xhafaj. An action that at first seemed well-organized. The DP brought with facts and documents the evidence that showed that Agron Xhafaj, the brother of the Minister of Interior, had been convicted in Italy for international drug trafficking.

But the ?fire? was extinguished when ?Babale?, or the so-called ?Witness X? appeared on the scene. The DP published an audio-tapping, according to which it was alleged that Agron Xhafaj was still directing narcotics trafficking. The citizen Albert Veliu, or the so-called ?Babale?, appeared in the audio-tapping, who allegedly appeared in a conversation with Agron Xhafaj, doing drug bargain.

Ervin Salianji brags in the corridors of the Democratic Party, that he was the one who provided the audio-tapping. But after that it was shown that everything was a staging. But the Salianji scandals don?t end here.

In September 2021, when Lulzim Basha through a personal decision, closed in his office and without consulting the party structures, expelled the former Prime Minister Sali Berisha, from the DP parliamentary group, Salianji was one of those who sided with Basha.

We also remember the protest of January 8, 2022, when Ervin Salianji was inside the DP building. He was photographed with a stick in his hand, and he beats the democrats in front of the DP headquarters. Regarding the March 6 local elections, Salianji stated that Basha?s group would win 6 municipalities.

But now Ervin Salianji has thrown himself into Berisha?s ?lap?, seeking to save his skin and stay in politics, even though he himself stated that this ?violates the partnership with the United States?. Furthermore, he participated in the election process organized by Reestablishment in Korça, contributing to the Korça DP being taken over by Niko Peleshi?s ?kamikaze?, Devis Osmani./CNA.al

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