Hot files that “sleep” in SPAK/ Government affairs “lock” the mouth of the justice system

25 Janar 2022, 13:19, English CNA

Justice reform, and new justice institutions, are seen as the hope of albanians to finally find the missing justice. The Special Prosecution Against Organized Crime, known as SPAK, has been strongly propagated as one of the new institutions of Justice Reform, which is claimed to crack down on high-level corruption.

But what happens in reality? There are at least three files, denounced by, who seem to be ?sleeping? in the drawers of the justice system. So, three corrupt affairs of the Rama government, for which justice remains silent. One of the files, which should ?wake up SPAK, is that of the chinese pesticide scandal.

Since June 2021, has denounced with exclusive documents in some investigative articles, a scandal of unimaginable proportions. It is about a scandal that occurred in 2018, for which showed with official documents, how thousands of boxes of chinese pesticides used in agriculture have entered in our country, not certified by the European Union, and the entry of which was prohibited by law. showed with exclusive documents how quantities of banned pesticides were loaded in China, and then from the port of Shanghai arrived in Durrës. This scandal was also referred to the Durrës Prosecutor?s Office, and there was a complete information on this case, provided by the Directorate of Investigation at the Durrës Customs.

Also in relation to this scandal, verifications have been made by the Supreme State Audit. Another sensational dossier is that of the incinerator concession, which has rightly been referred to as the corrupt affair of the century.

Regarding this case, there was an ?awakening? by SPAK, as a former minister was arrested. But so far investigations have been conducted only for the Elbasan incinerator, which is in fact the smallest of the three incinerators, which should be investigated by justice.

The history of the incinerator concession begins in 2014, after the Socialist Party came to power. has published a complete investigative file regarding this concession, which starts in Elbasan with 22 million euros, goes to Fier with 28 million euros, and comes to Tirana, with 128 million euros.

So, there are 3 incinerators with a cost of 178 million euros, which is paid by the taxes of albanian citizens. After an investigation on the Elbasan incinerator, SPAK has ordered the arrest of former Minister Lefter Koka. Meanwhile, Klodian Zoto, who built the incinerator through ITS company, and the owner of this incinerator, Stela Gugallja, have been declared wanted.

But Lefter Koka is not the ?head? of this scandal. SPAK cannot close his eyes. He should also investigate the other two incinerators, that of Fier and Tirana. also showed how media, peripheral portals and journalists, were paid by incinerator companies, money justified as ?advertisements?.

But here arises naturally a question:What does a landfill advertise, and why should a monopoly company pay millions for advertising? Millions of euros have been circulated, and SPAK should investigate to see how far are extended the incinerators tentacles.

Payments for incinerators to some media outlets are documented, and the payments are made through banks. Their source and end must be found, that is, where they went. Those who think incinerator companies have stopped at only the 3 aforementioned incinerators are wrong.

Through official documents, has shown how the tentacles of incinerators have been extended to water supply systems. has conducted an extensive investigation regarding the involvement of Klodian Zoto in water supply, through the installation of an electronic meter system.

According to an audit by the Supreme State Audit, everything happened in 2014. SSA has discovered that there have been irregular procedures for financing and installation of meters.

From the official data provided by, it seems that the tentacles are spread in many municipalities.

Initially in Korça, then in Pogradec, in Fier, in Lushnje, in Elbasan and finally in the capital, Tirana. So, there are documents and facts that show, that it is not only the concession contracts of incinerators, but also millions of other euros from the taxes of albanian citizens, received through water supply systems for supposedly efficient electronic systems’ management systems, for water meters, projects left in a half, or intentionally with inflated costs. Therefore, SPAK cannot make a deaf ear and a blind eye. This scandal should be investigated, because it weighs a lot on the pockets of albanian taxpayers./

Dosjet e nxehta që “flenë” në SPAK/ Aferat e Qeverisë i “kyçin” gojën drejtësisë

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