SP has elections in the Albanian Football Federation!

24 Janar 2022, 16:48, English CNA
SP has elections in the Albanian Football Federation!

There is nothing to be surprised about! The media publish the audio-tapping of the conversations of the mayor of Tirana, Edion Veliaj, which he doesn?t deny. There is nothing to be surprised about! There are elections in the Albanian Football Federation.

It is the last island not occupied by the Socialist Party. This institution is intended to be brought under control, with the argument that after 20 years Armando Duka should leave the leadership.

For this reason there is a scenario:A charlatan, ridiculous and disgusting candidate like Dritan Shakohoxha is placed in front of him, who will then leave, and Eduart Prodani will be placed in his place. A scheme built long ago by allegedly some personal enemies of Mr.Duka. But in fact, beyond the competition within the sport, the goal is the capture of the Albanian Football Federation by the Socialist Party. In the AFF, in the sector that the SP calls as its internal parts, there is a race.

But it is controlled by hostile groups, by people who don?t serve the Prime Minister Edi Rama for the interests of the latter, or the mayor of Tirana, or any quarrelsome like Erion Braçe who has long attacked Armando Duka.

Duka is not a ?saint?. Maybe he is not wanted by everyone, but at least Duka is not a hostage of the government. He is not an instrument used by the SP. And as long as he is like that, it is better to stay Duka again, than any other person who would turn the Albanian Football Federation into a municipal directorate, or in any part of the government, where there would be daily intervention by Ëngjëll Agaçi, or other tools that Edi Rama uses to govern.

The Socialist Party has captured everything. With the last wiretapping we realized that SPAK also has it under its control. We also know that SP has the prosecution, the government in his hands, but he has taken the opposition hostage and uses Lulzim Basha as he pleases.

Now he has to take football as well, as other sports have no interest. The SP intends to win the elections in the Albanian Football Federation, that is why elections are taking place. Not to elect its president, but it is a battle for the SP to take over the president of the federation, in order for him to turn into a soldier of Edi Rama./E.K-CNA.al


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