Video – Berisha let’s go of Evi Kokalari

13 Qershor 2022, 23:38, Politikë CNA
Video – Berisha let’s go of Evi Kokalari
Evi Kokalari and Sali Berisha

The Chairman of the Democratic Party, Sali Berisha, supports Kellici, removes Evi Kokalari.

This is a video of a few days ago, in a press conference of the chairman of the Democratic Party, Sali Berisha.

Doctor Berisha was asked by the media to comment regarding the accusations and attacks of Evi Kokalari against Belind Kellici, the Chairman-On-Duty of the Youth Forum of the Democratic Party. One of the people that has been shining on his political activity.

It seemed the same as if it was the “Lulzim Basha gang” but actually, it was a group of failed individuals and serial losers in the Democratic Party, who used Kokalari as a mouthpiece to leave Kellici with the bill for a lobbying scheme in the General Assembly of the Democratic Party. This scheme is addressed by Berisha in the video below where he clearly states “I do not support lobbying, but it does actually happen.”

Kokalari, better known as Evi Angelakis, attacked Belind Kellici during the one week period in which the DP National Council convened twice to hold the elections for the party’s leadership positions.

It still remains unclear whether she was used by Flamur Noka, a small group within DP or something else happened. But one fact remains – Kokalari attacked Kellici viciously, up to the point where she accused him of taking one million dollars of drug money for his electoral campaign, accusations which she will clearly have to support in front of a court of law. And it is a mistake and a shame on her that she hasn’t brought up before these accusations publicly, if she believed them to be true.

However, Doctor Berisha is very clear in what he says, after he has received information about three or four lobbying sheets that were distributed in the General Assembly. After Kokalari chose to make public only one and accused the Youth Forum of the Democratic Party for having 9 more members than the minimum quota as members of the National Council of DP. This, while everyone expected her to salute the youth representation in the National Council.

She should have also spoken about the other lobbying groups. That it wasn’t just the group of these young people, but that there are also other lobbying sheets and text messages distributed by people close to Kokalari, with the names of those supported by Kokalari or that she wanted to see as members of the National Council with her lobbying, as she later publicly declared that she “should have lobbied more.”

She publicly declared that she lobbied against Kellici, and lobbying in the US is governed by some very strict rules.

Video – Berisha let’s go of Evi Kokalari

But even for that, she has to give an official response, which she hasn’t yet.

Video – Berisha let’s go of Evi Kokalari

Below, we are bringing a video where Sali Berisha states his clear support for Belind Kellici after the attacks of Evi Kokalari, whom he clearly seems to “let go” when he says “she chose to withdraw from being a candidate.”

This makes it the fourth time that Evi Kokalari withdraws. She has withdrawn publicly three times, and then she has come back. The fourth withdrawal is the one declared publicly by Doctor Berisha. “In her life and her activities in the USA, based on what I know, with the Republicans there,” – says Berisha.

From what we know, she has no position with the Republicans over there. She could be an activist, like thousands and thousands are, but she is an Albanian citizen and a US citizen, who left two decades ago to go to the US and came to Albania to help the Democratic Party.

Meanwhile, with her last actions and declarations, she is simply and only a total failure, because she attacked the “backbone” of the Democratic Party, that which is the Youth Forum of the Democratic Party, and clearly Berisha responded to her in the video.

For Kellici’s contribution and the send-away of Evi Kokalari.

Thus, even Berisha has “let go” of Evi Kokalari and says it clearly that she has chosen to withdraw from the race but live her life in the USA.

That’s why this video speaks more than anything else. Speaks to why Kokalari is so “infuriated”, why she has a fire under herself. Maybe she regrets not being elected. Maybe she regrets that those that she wanted elected actually failed, regardless of her illegal lobbying, for which it has been repeatedly emphasized that she must take responsibility before the law.

The video says it all./CNA.al


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