Temperatures up to 17°C/ Weather for today

2023-03-12 08:06:00, Sociale CNA
Temperatures up to 17°C/ Weather for today
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Our country will be affected by stable atmospheric conditions throughout the day in almost the entire territory, where in the early hours of the day we will have dominance of clear skies and few cloudy passages.

While in the second part of the day it is predicted that the clouds will become more visible, where the clouds will be more focused in the Northern areas of Albania, creating opportunities for few moments with rain drops in the Northern part. 

Air temperatures will decrease in the morning, but will increase in the afternoon, fluctuating from 1°C to 17°C.

The wind will blow on average in the sea at a speed of 45 km/h from the North-North-East direction, bringing 3 waves to the coasts./ CNA.al

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