Don't forget the umbrella/ Afternoon brings rain

2023-04-20 07:13:00, Sociale CNA
Don't forget the umbrella/ Afternoon brings rain
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The first part of the day in our country will be alternating between clear and cloudy, where the clearest is expected to be in the Western lowlands.

While the most focused clouds will be in the mountainous areas. But midday and afternoon will bring development of clouds bringing short rain showers.

Rainfall will be present in the Eastern extension and in isolated areas in the Center of Albania.

Air temperatures will continue to rise in the morning and in the afternoon, fluctuating from 4°C to 23°C.

The wind will blow light and moderate in the sea at a speed of 28 km/h mainly from the Southwest direction, bringing waves of 1-2 waves to the sea coasts./ CNA.al

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