Gonxhe warns the young people of "TikTok"

2023-03-17 17:32:00, Sociale CNA
Gonxhe warns the young people of "TikTok"
Director of DPSHTRR, Blendi Gonxhe

The director of the DPSHTRR, Blendi Gonxhe, has warned the young people who are users of the social network "TikTok" and who have started moving quickly.

Gonxhe stated in a television appearance that the young people who appeared driving the vehicle at high speed are being identified and tracked down.

"Our road code is a little behind the times, it's a little backward. We cannot predict what happened in the last weeks. To return to the events of the last few weeks, because they tell a lot. There is a collective psychosis and there was an anti-behavior from a number of "Karagios" "TikTok" who got excited after the accident and showed the speed in the video. These addresses are being identified and are still being tracked, we will go to the end", he stressed./ CNA

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