Germany "absorbs" immigrants/ This is when Albanians benefit from the new immigration law

2023-11-26 19:31:00, Sociale CNA

Germany "absorbs" immigrants/ This is when Albanians benefit from the

The new immigration law makes Germany the key destination for skilled workers and eases procedures for Albanians.

Those who wish to immigrate to Germany will be able to benefit from facilities from 1 laughter. This is because the third phase of changes in the immigration law comes into effect on this very date.

Lawyer Rafael Todhe explained in a television appearance many details. He said that the new law does not benefit people who do not have a trade.

"They do not benefit, but the law from June 1, 2024 doubles the number of people who applied under the old law of the Western Balkans, i.e. from 25,000 to 50,000. Germany is interested in receiving labor force", said the lawyer.

Todhe said that qualified persons can take family members, but he emphasized that certain conditions must be met.

"For the first time qualified persons are given the right to adopt the parent, but it has not yet been determined at which stage of the law. Yes, it's not easy because he has to find a place to live. Family reunification requires conditions and it is not easy to come within 1 or 2-3 months. But there are also those who have achieved it. The biggest difficulty is housing, because in Germany you need the first 3 salaries and it proves that you have income to buy a house", he emphasized./ CNA

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