Father and his role in children

2023-11-26 19:01:00, Sociale Lira Gjika

Father and his role in children

If the mother's function is to develop the child's desire for life, the father's function is to develop the child's "desire for law". It is true that this function is not easy at all, because the father himself does not know.

This finding is not to insult the figure of the father but to understand and accept the difficulties that fathers encounter in themselves and consequently in relation to their children.

In our tradition, the father stays away from the children because he brings only material goods and only the mother deals with the children.

Although the figure of the mother is very important, with the desire for life, with security it is not enough. We are fooled into thinking that a mother can also become a father.

The figure of the father as well as the figure of the mother are irreplaceable for the child. Every person in this world comes through two people and needs both until he becomes an adult himself.

Our tradition is very weak in this regard, leaving the father out of the child's upbringing, and as a result, the father-child relationship is not built. You will say that it often happens that the mother plays the role of the father and the father the role of the mother! Yes, but they are both together. So the pair works. Whereas when the father is not involved in the child's education, the balance of the duo that creates life is broken.

The mother is indeed the one who offers her unconditional love which seems to be the ideal form, but we all need some boundaries to obtain safety. And it is precisely these boundaries that help you know yourself and enjoy it that your father builds and teaches you.

From very old times comes a great saying: Writing the law not in stone but in the "flesh of the heart" or in other words the desire for law and this is the father's function.

So, the father teaches you that things are not done out of anger or that we lose control, but precisely that we have learned to desire the law, so we choose the action we will take.

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