Climate change endangers infrastructure/ Albania, 147 million USD damages per year

2023-11-22 08:09:16, Sociale CNA

Climate change endangers infrastructure/ Albania, 147 million USD damages per

The average annual damage to infrastructure resulting from natural disasters is becoming more and more alarming.

A government document estimates that the average value is 147 million dollars, and this includes floods, earthquakes or landslides that affect the road network and bridges, but the former take the main part.

"Albania's road and bridge infrastructure is sensitive to climate change and natural disasters, mainly floods and earthquakes. Average annual damages are estimated at $147 million per year, with a catastrophic event, such as a 1-in-100-year earthquake, for example, causing more than $2 billion in damages.

River floods are a major natural hazard in the primary road network in Albania and constitute 84 percent of the total AED (average annual damage), compared to 11 percent from landslides and 5 percent from earthquakes," the institutions estimate. Albanian.

Some major arteries in the infrastructure are constantly affected by floods and their economic importance makes the damage even greater in cases of blockages. Two are the main roads that the documents mention and are part of corridor 4 and 5.

"Under the strategic network, Corridor 4 (Tirana-Durrës) and Corridor 5 Durrës-Vlora, are the most critical roads in Albania. These corridors are still vulnerable to flood events and the annual damage could be around 13 million euros due to the high traffic volume and economic importance of these corridors and is expected to increase under different climate change scenarios.

Taking into account the entire national road network, bridges and canals are the key infrastructure that are the most vulnerable and the most exposed elements, an average annual damage of 18.7 million euros is estimated," the document states.

ARRSH highlighted in a summary of the bridges project being implemented with the assistance of the World Bank that there is a clear and urgent need to increase the resilience of Albania's road infrastructure to climate change and natural disasters (eg, earthquakes, floods and landslides, strong wind storms, etc)./ Monitor

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