Psychologists: These 5 habits increase our anxiety and nervousness

2023-11-22 16:15:00, Sociale CNA
Psychologists: These 5 habits increase our anxiety and nervousness
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Nervousness and anxiety are very common feelings, but most of us wish we didn't experience them, or at least didn't experience them as often. Anxiety can be related to genetic predisposition, psychological trauma from childhood, or brain chemistry, but have you ever considered that certain habits make it worse?

If you don't get enough sleep or live a cluttered life if you start the day with large amounts of sugar, you're likely to feel the negative effects. 

Habits are useful if they are of the right kind. Our brains do repetitive actions like turning on the computer, brushing our teeth, in order to focus on new situations that require decisions, creativity and solutions.

Below are five habits that almost everyone follows that make us more nervous than we should be.


A situation that we don't know if it starts with stress or causes it. Either way, procrastination means putting off tasks for another time due to stress and pressure, which will further increase the stress. Stopping this behavior at any time is helpful. 

Avoidance of situations

Similar to procrastination is avoidance. Psychologists say that one of the main behaviors that intensify anxiety is not even trying something or avoiding it.


Scientific research continues to link cluttered, cluttered spaces with anxiety, nervousness and depression.

Eating habits

They say our gut is our second brain, and if you think about how often your stomach hurts when you're stressed, then you won't get the science wrong.

Negative thoughts

Perhaps the hardest habit to break. We all have an inner voice that serves as a constant commentary on our moment-to-moment experiences. When these messages are pessimistic and negative, then yes, they will contribute to anxiety. / CNA

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