Edi Rama, the 21st century crisis manager

2024-02-28 15:07:00, Opinione Lutfi Dervishi
Edi Rama, the 21st century crisis manager
Prime Minister Edi Rama

In a world on the brink of chaos, and the Great War where world leaders have lost like Xhaferri the bun, the only leader who is providing a solution to every global crisis remains the Prime Minister of Albania.

Forget the UN, NATO, the EU or even the Freemasons themselves!

When it comes to war, conflict, crisis or disagreement, the man who provides solutions is only one: Edi Rama.

What does the war in Ukraine have in common?

The war in Gaza? The migrant crisis in Italy and the EU, the crisis between Serbia and Kosovo?

The common denominator is the daily commitment of Edi Rama, who is rightly considered by international affairs analysts to be the most successful crisis manager of the 21st century.

While the Albanian prime minister continues his mission as a global peacekeeper, the most prominent intellectuals of our time call on the Nobel Prize Committee not to miss the historic chance they lost in 1990, awarding the Nobel Prize to Ismail Kadare. It is time for the Prime Minister of Albania to receive the Nobel Peace Prize. Who is more invested in peace in the world with regular engagement in the international media, with speeches in international institutions such as the OSCE, the Security Council of the UN, NATO and the EU, with participation in every forum and seminar which side of the globe?

Has Oslo or Tirana been more in the spotlight these days?

The tireless commitment of the Prime Minister of Albania is reminiscent of a great Turkish citizen - Ataturk. Ataturk's motto was: peace at home, peace in the world, Edi Rama has a diametrically opposite approach: peace in the world (at first) then peace at home (Albania)

This is also the reason why there is no political peace in Albania.

The opposition has remained on the streets protesting, the construction sites opened during these 10 years have remained on the streets because the Albanian Prime Minister of Albania simply does not have time to think about solving common problems such as infrastructure, the normal functioning of the Parliament, or electoral reforms ?

If Edi Rama were to deal with these banal problems, everyone would rightly remember the proverb: the village is burning...

So if Albanians want to go out and protest, let them protest against Melon, Macron, Sholc, Shunak and Biden who have left Edi Ramen alone to face global wars and conflicts.

At least these other leaders would deal with our problems…

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