"Stay wise"/ Luizi makes an unexpected offer to Kristi

2023-03-19 21:37:00, Lifestyle CNA

"Stay wise"/ Luizi makes an unexpected offer to Kristi

The singer Luiz Aylli recently talked with Krist Dragoti about this week's nomination and made him an offer.

Luiz proposed to Christ to eliminate Qetsor, but to do this, Luiz told Christ not to create situations and debates with Qetsor, as this would "empower" Qetsor and penalize him.

"I make you an offer. Stay calm until Tuesday, on Wednesday I'll drop Olta, myself and Kiara, Dean too. Stay wise, don't open a situation with Qetsor. You continue as Krist, but not with Qetsori, let's eliminate him, because Olta and I will deal with you./ CNA

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