"Kiara Tito, the most pretended in BBV"/ Former resident: Luizi will take her to the finals

2023-03-19 14:15:00, Lifestyle CNA
"Kiara Tito, the most pretended in BBV"/ Former resident: Luizi will
Kiara Tito, moderator

The model Kejvina Kthella has considered the moderator Kiara Tito as the most fake person inside the house of Big Borther Vip.

She has expressed that she did not like what Kiara said about her inside the house, that she does not fall to her level.

"I don't have any kind of problem with Kiara, she has one with herself. I don't feel her positive energy towards her," Kejvina said.

According to Kevin, Kiara will go all the way to the finals, as Luiz will not leave her at any moment.

Among other things, he also spoke about Luiz, saying that what happened was under the pressure of the situation that was created inside. The model further adds that outside Big Brother Vip their relationship will be very good.

" Luizi and I don't know each other from the outside. We got along very well with Luiz. I considered him as a brother.

I'm sure that when we go out, we'll get along well. My relationship with Luizi inside was real.

I sent the drone to tell you that I am with you", said the model./ CNA.al

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