The punishment of 3 residents, Jul Deda rebels: The black envelope is being devalued

2024-04-03 16:45:00, Lifestyle CNA

The punishment of 3 residents, Jul Deda rebels: The black envelope is being

Julian Deda was the first to react to the decision taken by the "Big Brother VIP" production, which initially excluded Egla Ceno, Meriton Mjekiqi and Ilnisa ??Agolli with a black envelope, but in fact this was just a fictitious disqualification, since the three residents are virtually nominated, and only one of them will leave.

The well-known comedian has rebelled against this situation, emphasizing the fact that in this way the rules can be broken through indecent behavior, as the aforementioned residents did. Juli teaches his opinion that illegal actions, such as the stalking that was described last night in the prime, are evaluated by the court and not the public.

"The complete black envelope has been devalued because now it can be taken and the opposite, that this is OK, I came out, the public voted for it. What is this? Because the public always votes bro. The logic makes it so, if they come, have stayed at home, passed nominations with that behavior means that with another behavior, they go out for a week. This is the logic.

Then it dawns on them that they have been judged for this behavior, they have broken the rules. Then that, stalking, what is it called... Was it a criminal offense? What business does the public have to decide on a crime that is decided by the Court?", Jul Deda said that at this moment he was interrupted by the production."

We remind you that yesterday evening Ilnisa ??and Merito were "expelled" with a black envelope, due to the collision with Egla Ceno.

The latter was eliminated two days ago. But, according to the production, it was held in an isolated environment, while the public will decide for the three. One of them will be released on Saturday.

And exactly this situation, Jul Deda did not overlook, on the contrary, he spoke openly and clearly, where he also received the support of other residents who were talking to him./ CNA

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