The singer surprises with the statement / "The aliens targeted me because I'm famous"

2024-04-03 10:49:00, Lifestyle CNA
The singer surprises with the statement / "The aliens targeted me because
The singer of the band "Take That", Robbie Williams

For years, the singer of the group "Take That", Robbie Williams, has attracted attention with his statements about extraterrestrial life.

He did the same thing recently. Robbie Williams has claimed aliens 'targeted' him to be their emissary to Earth because of his fame and good looks.

"I often wonder if this happens because of my fame", he said.

Robbie believes that the aliens are after him because they want him to use his influence to tell the world the truth about their existence.

The 50-year-old singer has stated several times that he believes in aliens and has had several contacts with extraterrestrials.

A few years ago he claimed that aliens abducted him and communicated with him about the future of humanity.

In another case, the singer said that he once saw a UFO so close to him that he could hit it with a tennis ball. Also, he said that at the time he was writing the song "Arizona", a strong light "visited" the studio where he was working.

However, in an interview given in 2019, Robbin said that when he made such statements he was under the addiction of narcotic substances, as well as alcohol.

Although he has been in rehabilitation several times, it seems that it was more difficult for the singer to break away from these addictions, which have often caused him many problems during his career./ CNA

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