Did he escape Martin Bardhi's assassination?/ Saimir Reçi explains in detail: They blocked my way...

2023-11-29 21:55:00, Kronika CNA
Did he escape Martin Bardhi's assassination?/ Saimir Reçi explains
Marjan Marku alias Martin Bardhi

Marjan Marku alias Martin Bardhi was killed in an assassination attempt on September 26 of this year, and one of the tracks of the investigation is the collision that the victim had with Saimir Reçi, the nephew of Kastriot Reçi.

On March 26, 2023, Martin Bardhi, his son Erind Bardhi and relative Kristjan Marku, shot Saimir Reçin, who fortunately managed to escape the bullets thanks to the armored car he was driving at the time.

At the scene at that time, 7 firearm cartridges were found, while Reçi's testimony was also taken.

The latter, according to the investigative file uncovered by journalist Klodiana Lala, said that on the day the assassination was carried out against him, he saw and argued with a person, in the company of a police officer, who was filming his apartment.

"During the interrogation, Saimir Reçi clarified that before the incident happened, he had gone out with his vehicle on the road near the building where he lives, where he saw a Mercedes Benz 220 type vehicle, which was being driven from F.LL, the son of a police officer. While in the back seat, according to him, was another citizen, who had a mobile phone in his hand. He says that they were speeding and that he followed them, overtook them and managed to stop them. During this moment, he told the driver not to drive fast and not to bring other people into the neighborhood. But according to him, he slapped him in the face and then left," the file states.

He confessed that after this collision, he was attacked with firearms in the center of Rrëshen by father and son and their relative.

"Saimir Reçi, the person who was attempted to be executed, then stated that on March 26, 2023, around 5:00-6:00 p.m., he left his apartment with the vehicle he is using, BMË series 7 with license plate AA 681 YT, which is armored.

He went for a walk on the main street of the city, where he stopped in front of the 'Filopati' bar, as he wanted to get a phone card from the shop opposite the bar. At the moment he got out of the vehicle which he left on, he says he saw a black Audi A8 type vehicle with TR license plates, the numbers he did not record, which came in front of the vehicle and blocked him the road. At this moment, according to him, Kristian Bardhi, Martin's nephew, Martin Bardhi and his son Erind Bardhi, who are from the village of Ndrefushas, ??got out of their car. All three of these citizens had pistols in their hands.

Martin Bardhi and Kristian Bardhi stood in front of the vehicle and shot at the windshield and the driver's door. Since the vehicle was armored, the bullets did not penetrate inside.

After shooting several times, Kristjan Bardhi and Erind Bardhi got into their vehicle and left. While Martin Bardhi left on foot in the direction of the police station," the file states.

After being attacked, Saimir Reçi has revealed that he left the scene quickly and on Vorfi street, the tire of his car ran into a blade and stopped near a gas station.

He helped the driver of a vehicle that happened to pass by the gas station, whom he did not know, and the latter sent him home./ CNA

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