Serious in Kavajë/ 52-year-old man tries to kill a person with an ax, the owner of the bar destroys the evidence

2023-11-30 11:44:00, Kronika CNA
Serious in Kavajë/ 52-year-old man tries to kill a person with an ax, the
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A 52-year-old man was arrested by the police after he tried to kill a 33-year-old man with an ax in the premises of a bar in Kavaja.

The 52-year-old with the initials AP, after a conflict for trivial reasons, tried to kill I.GJ., 33 years old, hitting the latter on the head with an ax, while the owner of the bar tried to hide this event by destroying the evidence .  

I.Gj. he was sent for medical help to the Trauma Hospital in Tirana, where he is out of danger, while the owner of the bar, in order to protect AP, gave false evidence to the police, saying that the 33-year-old fell down the stairs.

The police seized the ax as well as 2 mobile phones in which it is suspected that games of chance were played inside the premises of the bar.

"The services of the Kavaja Police Station, immediately after receiving the notification of a conflict between 2 citizens, in a bar, in neighborhood no. 4, Kavajë, have organized the work to clarify the circumstances of the conflict and identify the citizens involved. From the investigative actions, it has emerged that the AP citizen, during a conflict for weak motives, in the bar owned by the ED citizen, tried to kill the citizen I. Gj., 33 years old, resident of Kavajë, by hitting him with a cutting tool (axe ), in head. The 33-year-old man, after treatment at the Durres hospital, was sent for specialized treatment at the Trauma hospital in Tirana. Following the procedural actions for this case, the citizens were arrested red-handed: AP, 52 years old, resident of Kavajë, for the criminal offense of "Intentional murder", pending trial;   

ED, 44 years old, resident of Kavaja, the owner of the bar where the conflict took place, for the criminal offenses "Supporting the author of the crime" and "Organizing or exercising gambling activities in violation of the law". After the conflict in his bar, this citizen destroyed the scene, while when he was interrogated by the Police officer, he stated that the citizen I. Gj. was damaged after falling down the stairs. During the check on the mobile phone of the ED citizen, the Police services found open pages that serve gambling" - it is stated in the police announcement. / CNA


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