37 cameras are dismantled in Elbasan/ 10 people under investigation

2023-02-01 09:33:00, Kronika CNA

37 cameras are dismantled in Elbasan/ 10 people under investigation

The investigative structures of DVP Elbasan, in cooperation with the police stations subordinate to it, in implementation of the tasks defined within the nationwide operational plan coded "Fijet", initiated by the General Directorate of the State Police, as well as supported by information intelligence, for the unauthorized placement of some cameras in the cities of Elbasan, Gramsci and Peqin, in order to provide information, for criminal purposes, as well as to monitor the movements of the Police, have organized the work for the identification and dismantling of these cameras, the identification of the owners of these cameras, as well as for the full legal documentation of the purpose of use.

Gjatë fazës së dhjetë kombëtare, të këtij plani operacional, në Elbasan, në lagjet "5 Maji", "Sul Paprri", "Syrja Dylgjeri" dhe "Çlirimi", u çmontuan 28 kamera dhe u iniciuan hetimet e thelluara, në bashkëpunim me Prokurorinë e Elbasanit, për 5 shtetas, konkretisht për: D. Rr., I. B., H. B., K. Xh. dhe A. I.

Plani operacional ka vijuar në Gramsh, ku u çmontuan dhe u sekuestruan 4 kamera të vëna në kundërshtim me ligjin, dhe u iniciuan hetimet për shtetasit: R. D., S. Xh. dhe A. Ç., si dhe në qytetin e Peqinit, ku u çmontuan 5 kamera dhe u iniciuan hetimet për shtetasit H. Z. dhe E. Xh.

The seized cameras were installed without the relevant permission of the competent bodies. Their deployment is contrary to Law 9887, dated 10.03.2008 "On the protection of personal data" and constitutes the criminal offense "Unjust interference in private life", which is provided for by Article 121 of the Criminal Code.

In cooperation with the Prosecutor's Office at the Elbasan Judicial District Court, intensive work continues to identify the citizens who have installed these cameras, as well as to fully clarify the purpose of their installation. /CNA.al

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