Warsaw and Kiev agree on the export of grain

2023-10-04 08:03:00, Kosova & Bota CNA
Warsaw and Kiev agree on the export of grain
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Warsaw and Kiev agree on the transit of grain from Ukraine to Lithuanian ports.

Poland and Ukraine reached an agreement regarding the passage through Polish territory of vehicles exporting grain from Ukraine. In agreement with Lithuania, Poland and Ukraine agreed to speed up the transit of exports to markets in Africa and the Middle East through Poland. Starting from Wednesday (04.10), vehicles that will transport grain from Ukraine to Lithuanian ports will no longer be checked at the Polish-Ukrainian border, Poland's Minister of Agriculture, Robert Telus, explained to journalists.

According to the agreement, "full responsibility" for the control of the goods will be taken by Lithuania. Poland will continue to allow transit corridors "because this is good for Polish farmers, for Ukraine, for the European Union and for the whole world," said Robert Telus.

Due to Russia's war of aggression against Ukraine, the classic route for the export of Ukrainian wheat through the Black Sea has been blocked since Moscow canceled the grain export agreement in July.

The EU imposed trade restrictions on Ukraine's grain transport by land in order to protect farmers in transit countries - which also include Poland, Hungary, Bulgaria and Romania. Grain from Ukraine was allowed to be transported through these countries, but not sold there. When the deadline for the restrictions on growing cereals in these countries expired, Poland, Hungary and Slovakia extended the ban, causing diplomatic tensions with Kiev./ DW

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