Russian tourists are banned from entering Latvia until March 2025

2024-02-28 16:20:00, Kosova & Bota CNA

Russian tourists are banned from entering Latvia until March 2025

Latvia has decided to keep in force the entry ban for Russian tourists until March 4, 2025.

Citing security concerns, Latvia's Cabinet of Ministers said Russians will continue to be blocked for tourism and entertainment purposes, SchengenVisaInfo.com reports.

Entry restrictions for Russians were first introduced in September 2022. Since then, Latvia has maintained strict rules and has now decided to extend the current measures for another 12 months.

Explaining the reason for extending this measure, the Cabinet of Ministers said that Russia's military aggression against Ukraine continues to threaten Latvia's internal security to this day. He suggested that the extension of the entry ban is aimed at guaranteeing safety for everyone within the country's borders.

These groups of Russians are exempt from the entry ban

While the entry ban on Russians entering Latvia for tourism and entertainment purposes will remain in place until March 2025, authorities have noted that some citizens of Russia are exempt from the measure.

As the Cabinet of Ministers of Latvia has explained, Russians who have a residence permit issued by Latvia and any other EU country can cross the border.

Russians holding a long-term Schengen visa and family members of Latvian and EU citizens holding a short-term visa are also allowed to enter the country.

In addition, the entry ban also does not apply to Russian citizens entering Latvia for humanitarian reasons and to employees of cargo and passenger transport services, among others. /CNA 

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