"Time Square" in New York is "occupied" by messages of thanks for Afrim Bonjak and the Kosovo Police

2023-09-25 09:17:00, Kosova & Bota CNA

"Time Square" in New York is "occupied" by messages of

Yesterday's event in the north of Kosovo, where the officer Afrim Bonjaku was killed by an armed group, has attracted the attention of not only the prestigious international media, but messages of thanks to him and the Kosovo Police have appeared in "Time Square" in New York. 

"Thank you to our heroes, the Kosovo Police", is one of the messages displayed on the big screens.

While in another it is written: "Dying for your country is like being reborn again, Afrim Bonjaku". 

"Time Square" in New York is "occupied" by messages of


Who is Afrim Bonjaku?

Afrim Bunjaku is the Kosovo Police officer who was killed in the early hours of this Sunday in a clash with a group of Serbian criminals of 30 people.

Bunjaku, together with other police officers, faced the armed Serbs in Banjska i Zveçani.

The policeman is originally from the village of Samadrexhe in Vushtrri. How has been described by friends and colleagues as an exceptional man, with a strong character and an unyielding commitment to his duty. He worked with dedication in his official duties and made an irreplaceable contribution to the Kosovo police.

Afrim Bunjaku left behind 3 children, two sons and a daughter and his family, after he fell in charge of his duty, in defense of the territorial integrity and sovereignty of the country.

A week ago, Bunjaku received a title of appreciation for his contribution to the Kosovo police.

There have been a number of reactions and messages of condolence for the killing of the officer. The President of Kosovo declared Monday a day of mourning, in honor of the murdered policeman./ CNA



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