Structured and well prepared/ The terrorist group that attacked the police imitated the Wagner group

2023-09-25 09:43:00, Kosova & Bota CNA
Structured and well prepared/ The terrorist group that attacked the police
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A day ago, at the press conference, the Prime Minister of Kosovo, Albin Kurti, announced that the group that attacked the Kosovo Police was a heavily embittered professional formation.

This has been confirmed by the professor of security sciences in Pristina, he even added that the formation imitated the Russian mercenary group Wagner, while Mentor Vrajolli from the Kosovar Center for Security Studies casts doubt saying that this group could not have acted without the knowledge of Serbian authorities.

Islami stated during an interview that the armed group, which attacked the police in Banjska, was a structured and well-prepared formation.

According to him, the group did not function as isolated and self-organized, but as a formation with uniforms, with specific weaponry and connected "with the security institutions of Serbia".

"Such uniforms resemble the [Russian mercenary] Wagner group. It seems that this structured group was an imitation of the Wagner group", says Islam, referring to the Russian mercenaries who have participated in the war in Ukraine and other conflict zones.

"Long guns, melee weapons, they're all weapons that are used on the front line at close range. These are enough to say that this terrorist group, connected to the Serbian state, has committed state terrorism in a foreign territory", says Islami./ CNA

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