Shotguns / One person injured

2022-06-25 17:47:00, Kosova & Bota CNA
Shotguns / One person injured
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Shots with firearms were reported this afternoon on "Rinia" street, in Prishtina, reports the Kosovo Police.

As a result of the shooting, a person was injured and taken to hospital for medical assistance.

It is also learned that three people have been arrested: Sh. S ,, 17 years old, citizen of the Republic of Kosovo; A, A 26 years old, citizen of the Republic of Kosovo; S. A, male, 30 years old, foreign national.

Police have announced that at the scene was found and seized a TT type revolver, caliber 7.62 mm, which is suspected to be the weapon used in the case, as well as a cartridge of the same caliber.

By decision of the state prosecutor, the three suspects were taken into custody on suspicion of the criminal offenses "Causing general danger" and "Unauthorized possession or control of a weapon." /CNA.al

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